Spotlight on GOPARITY: Amplifying GREET CE’s Impact in Portugal

Mar 27, 2024

Thrilled to announce that GOPARITY, our esteemed subcontractor for the GREET CE project tasks in Portugal, is a proud member of several pivotal organizations that are leading the charge toward sustainability and innovation. Their memberships include:

  • BlueBio Alliance, the premier network for the Blue Biotech sector in Portugal, driving forward the marine biotechnology frontier.
  • ANPME – the National Association of SMEs, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises across the country.
  • BCorp – representing a global commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices,. GOPARITY is an active participant in the Portuguese chapter, embodying the ethos of positive impact.
  • Forum Oceano, a network dedicated to fostering the blue economy, enhancing Portugal’s maritime initiatives.

Why This Matters for GREET CE and Portugal

GOPARITY’s involvement with these organizations not only underscores their dedication to sustainability but also significantly enriches the GREET CE project with:

  • Innovative Blue Biotech Insights: Through BlueBio Alliance, GOPARITY brings cutting-edge marine biotechnology knowledge to GREET CE, offering new avenues for sustainable innovation in Portugal and beyond.
  • SME Empowerment: ANPME’s focus aligns perfectly with GREET CE’s mission to enhance SME innovation, providing a robust framework for growth and collaboration within the project.
  • Sustainability Leadership: As a BCorp member, GOPARITY exemplifies the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, infusing GREET CE with globally recognized sustainable business practices.
  • Blue Economy Expertise: Forum Oceano’s dedication to the blue economy introduces valuable insights into sustainable maritime and ocean-based activities, crucial for GREET CE’s goals in Portugal.

GOPARITY’s active engagement in these networks promises to inject a wealth of knowledge, resources, and innovative practices into the GREET CE project, driving Portugal’s green transition forward with an emphasis on the bioeconomy and sustainability.

We look forward to the remarkable contributions GOPARITY will make to the GREET CE project and Portugal’s sustainable development. Together, we’re navigating towards a greener, more innovative future!