Let’s shape the future of Interreg

Apr 29, 2024

The future of Interreg is already being discussed. But before deciding what the future cohesion policy will become, the European Commission would like to hear from YOU.

Thus, the EC has enlisted all the Interreg programmes to consult their stakeholders. Indeed, your input is crucial in this process since you are a centerpiece of cooperation. To collect your feedback and ideas, we are organising a transnational consultation that will run until June 14th.

A joint work with five other transnational programmes (Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, NEXT MED, Sudoe, IPA ADRION, Alpine Space) has resulted in a unique survey. Depending on the Interreg programmes you are involved in, you may receive several invitations to this survey. However, you only need to answer once.

I take the survey

We count on you to shape the future of Interreg together!

We thank you for your participation and involvement of our European future!