Develop and fund your project

At GREET CE, we are passionate about empowering SMEs in Central Europe and Portugal to lead the charge in the Green Transition. Leveraging the European Commission’s efforts to make EU funding more accessible, such as the recent enhancements to the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, we aim to guide SMEs through the complexities of funding opportunities and project development.


Access to Cutting-edge Innovations: Tap into a wealth of knowledge and technology at the intersection of sustainability, bioeconomy, and green technologies.

Networking and Partnerships: Connect with a diverse network of stakeholders across Europe, including research institutions, industry associations, and public bodies.

Empowerment through Information: Benefit from the improved EU Funding & Tenders Portal, designed to streamline your funding application process.

Tools and Platforms for Funding and Development:

Apart from the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, we recommend exploring the following platforms to enhance your project’s reach and potential:

  • EASME Data Hub: Access detailed information on projects funded by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), gaining insights into successful applications and project outcomes.
  • Enterprise Europe Network: Leverage this vast network for partnership opportunities, advisory support, and access to international markets.
  • IC Accelerator: Specifically designed for SMEs, this platform offers funding and coaching support for companies looking to scale up high-impact innovations.
  • National Funding Portals: Don’t overlook national and regional funding opportunities tailored to specific sectors and themes relevant to your project. We encourage you to explore your country’s or region’s specific funding agency or ministry responsible for innovation and economic development.

How We Support Your Journey – Check our GREET events calendar:

  • Tailored Guidance: Our experts offer personalized consultations to navigate the funding landscape and identify the most suitable opportunities for your project.
  • Workshops and Training: Participate in our workshops to sharpen your proposal writing skills and understand the criteria for successful applications.
  • Showcasing Opportunities: Get a chance to present your innovative projects to potential investors and partners through our networking events.

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